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We are committed to quality control in all phases of our operations!

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     What we do:

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 We Save You Money

  • Eliminating your recruiting and advertising costs
  • Saving expenses by taking applications, testing, screening, interviewing, and checking references
  • Preparing the payroll and paying the employees
  • Saving employee benefit costs for your company
  • Saving worker's compensation and unemployment costs
  • Decreasing your employee turnover
  • Reducing your employee overtime
  • Eliminating over-staffing
  • Saving on fidelity bond and liability costs
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 We Save You Time

  • Selecting the best person for your specific position through our quality control measures
  • Quickly supplying you with as many employees as you need for short-term, long-term, or direct placement
  • Providing employees to you only after they have been thoroughly screened and evaluated for your job openings
  • Conducting our standard procedure in the qualifying process through extensive interviewing, testing, reference checking, and drug screening (on request)
  • Reviewing the complete record of each applicant's experience, skills, work history, education, and performance evaluations
  • Keeping your company's record of supplemental staffing use current through our internal bookkeeping system
  • Paying employees and issuing invoices weekly by employee through our internal payroll service
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We Provide Superior Service and Outstanding Workers

  • One phone call to us will solve your personnel needs easily and quickly
  • We can provide people with the right skills and experience for your short-term/long-term assignments or your direct hire positions
  • Our employees have to meet our high standards before they can meet yours!
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"Temp to Hire" Policy

  • It is a compliment to us if you hire one of our employees for a permanent position
  • You may enter into an agreement under which you may hire one or more of our employees as your permanent employee after a specified number of hours are worked
  • We do not charge a fee when such an agreement is reached - this practice is frequently referred to as "Temp to Hire"
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Payroll Service

  • Processing payroll can often be a challenge, require numerous resources, and take away from the focus of your business - we can help
  • Not only do we pay the employees that we find for our clients, but we also can be used as a payroll service to take care of the payroll processing for employees that our clients find for themselves
  • We take care of everything related to payroll: 
     Pay employees 
     Pay all taxes 
     Payroll Reports 
  • We will issue an invoice at the end of every week and all you have to worry about is paying that invoice - we take care of the rest
  • We can save you time and money by taking the burden of payroll off your shoulders
  • Give us a call at  865.688.1906  
    or click here to send us an email to get started!